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About Jacques Sassin

Jacques Sassin is an international speaker, coach and mentor; helping others attain passive wealth through a sound business model. He loves going the extra mile, showing ordinary people how they too, can benefit financially from crypto currency. In two short years, he has become the number one recruiter, poster boy and a top earner in Lifestyle Galaxy and has received many awards therefor.


Jacques has a natural flair for business and quickly rose to the fore in the restaurant trade and later in the agricultural industry.This serial entrepreneur had built up his business portfolio in excess of R65 million rand before the age of 40. His current business ventures include property acquirement and management, paper manufacturing as well as alternative energy resources. Jacques spent much of his time in Johannesburg, establishing his various businesses. This was not ideal as it took him away from his family in Hillcrest.

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One might say that it was meant to be when, through serendipity, Jacques met Andrew Eaton on a beach in Ballito in 2016. His business interest was piqued as he learnt about Lifestyle Galaxy and block chain technology. The rest was history.


Through Lifestyle Galaxy, Jacques enjoys working from home, making an excellent source of income to support his lifestyle. He loves being able to spend the extra time with his wife and four children.
This financial freedom has given his wife the opportunity to be at home with their children, rather than working and has given their family the funds to travel more and explore the world.


Through Jacque’s extensive knowledge and understanding of the crypto world, his keen business mind and his own success therein – his aim is to help people experience the wealth that he has enjoyed. He feels like he has found his calling in helping people attain passive wealth in easy to follow steps, through his mentoring.


His favourite part of his involvement in Lifestyle galaxy is the personal development and watching those under his leadership grow in all aspects of their life, as he has.